My Work should Not Cost My Life

My work journey as a sex worker and a mother of 4 began in 2012. Life has changed since then; I have been struggling to make ends meet. I tried to find another work out of sex work, but with no success I don’ t has higher qualification at education level.

The easiest way, that didn’t require much from me, is the life on the street, so I can put food on the table and take my kids to school. It has not been an easy ride for me as my work is still not legal in South Africa. As sex workers, we are not safe in the streets; we get abused more and more. Police are more of the perpetrators in our trade, we get arrested constantly and get fines to pay. In some cases when you don’t have money, they will ask you to exchange for sex. I am a sex worker, and I am HIV+.

Police are risking with our lives. When you are in the cells, you are not be given your treatment and that is risky and put your life at risk more and more. Its workers painful and hard to be a sex in my country. I fully support the Movement that stand for the rights of sex workers because since joined it, I can proudly say, yes, I am a sex worker, sex work is work! We deserve decriminalisation, so that we can be free, not only from the police, but from our community members too. I am mother and my work as sex worker, my work should not cost me my life