It is only when there is a woman who is ready to change the community that communities will change

“Through the encounter with EMISSC Jeaneth Stars came to life”

I am an ordinary women who came into contact with EMISSC who are professional and able to give presentation that are changing the life of the boys in our community.

I met the organisation thorough our traditional leaders because our community was having early childhood marriages where there are no proper procedures followed and the boys cohibitate with girls without paying lobola. Many families are no longer in control of their young girls due to boys staying with them without paying lobola and when they are tired with living with the girls they just leave and never look back.

I was able to identify boys whom we started a club and most of our activity were to play football with other boys from other villages and there was nothing that we were doing to empower our boys about life.

The awareness campaign teaches the boys that there is more to marriage like being educated, ploughing back to the community and respecting family and encouraging young girls the same was as the boys. During the awareness campaign it was agreed that we should also have a dialogue of girls whom they should understand that when you are still at school, education is the best marriage should be the last resorts.

The year 2021 as a women I am going to have another group of women that will be empowered on gender based violence issues and also invite more women speaker to give career guidance as we have lot of intelligent girls who do not know what the opportunities available are for them in the community.

Though EMISSC in partnership with WVL, one is able to see the future for our young girls. Thank you EMISSC and WVL, You are changing our life with the information you are giving us when we meet