Personal development leads to growth”

My name is Gugu Mngadi, I am currently doing my in-service training at Sasopsbiz Foundation. I am responsible for administration activities in this programme. Being part of this programme has taught me a lot in improving some of my qualities or should I say strengths that I did not know I had, for example, good communication skills, patience and working in teams. My interaction with these young women that are coming from different backgrounds has shown me that you don’t have to look down on people judging by their background or the way they were brought up, each and every human being deserves to be given a chance in life.

I have attended most of the workshops that were hosted by Sasopsbiz foundation, but there was this one that I found it very fruitful to me. We were talking about personal development where the HUGs groups had to talk about past reflection. The reason I say this one was the most fruitful to me it is because I got an opportunity to talk about things that I never thought I will be able to talk about more especially to strangers, but the girls were welcoming and good listeners too.

I am planning on replicating the HUGs model so that it can be in my community and I can help others in their personal development.