A continuous spark

“Research is formalized curiosity. It is poking and prying with a purpose.” – Zora Neale Hurston

Having been part of Bellona Women’s Network has generated a meeting with aspects that had been put aside as a result of career changes. I have had a passion for technology from a younger age, however, a career change had led me to focus on that which the career is about. Little did I know that the past and the future would integrate and be one as a Content Developer at Bellona. The journey has been one that has challenged me and allowed me a room to learn and relearn a lot of things that had not met my mind in knowing and recalling.

As I had mentioned my passion for technology, integrating it with content has been one that has taught me the power of storytelling is synonymous with the power of problem-solving. In as much as my role requires working with a Creative Director, I have also learned that it doesn’t have to be linear, as working with other departments also influences decisions and plans that need to be put in place for projects and campaigns.

One of the best highlights thus far is having to create content for the Cyber Gender-Based Violence Dialogues and having to moderate it. Working with the Gender Links team along with Tinyiko Ngwenya, Chairperson at Bellona, was both exciting and challenging. Exciting to an extent that it is was an opportunity to address issues that take place in environments that we work in, be it physical or virtual. Challenging as it was my first time taking up such a role in the area of work that I am in.

Another challenge that came about to that event was having to be hacked during an event in which we were able to release a PR statement to the media. This event raised the concern of privacy policies and measures to this day and I believe that it will not end with just talks and Webinars. Another call for women to populate the tech space to put in place measures and systems that will enable the advancement of cybersecurity for women and the population at large.