From graduate to hairdresser

I am a 30-year-old man; I have a Bachelor in Environmental Science studied at University of Venda, graduated in 2019. A single mother raised me and I have three siblings. Life has never been easy growing up, my mother used to sell homemade beer at home so that we can survive and would encourage us to focus on our studies but reading was never easy with the noise of her customer but I tried my best. When I passed matric with excellence my mother was so happy that I will be someone in life.

After matric it was hard for me to go to university because we didn’t have any money for registration but I got the bursary that covered for my studies and accommodation only and my mother said she will provide food for me but it was never easy because some days I will sleep without food . I would work party time jobs just to buy food.

When I graduated at the university I was so happy thinking that I would be able to help my mother but with the unemployment rate increasing every day in south Africa it was never easy and I became another graduate but I never gave up I would do piece jobs just to help at home.

I worked at a salon for three months as a hairdresser and when it closed down when the owner was relocating, I took over the business and bought my equipment. The business has been going well and I even have three assistant. I am happy that now I am able to bring food on the table and help my mother with responsibilities at home.

I know I am not working my dream job but it is better that doing nothing. From Graduate to Hairdresser.