A new heritage being created

“Our journey was not easy because we needed to operate within uncertain times but as an organization we felt supported in every way and it made the journey easy even if we had challenges.”

My first encounter with Gender links team was when I was sent a link to apply for the rapid response grant. I completed the application and did not think much of it until I got a call from the grants manager to tell her more about us and I must say it was the best conversation I had with someone that we ever applied for funding. She spoke to me like she understood our hearts. She listened and answered in a tone of voice that gave me peace and not to be afraid or at any point or to be uncomfortable. She understood like she was there with me and made me feel what we do was important and I could just be myself.

When our application was approved in was in the most fearing time of people’s lives to be in contact with all of the human race and as an organization all we knew was we need to find where our girls and women were at that needed sanitary pads so that they can menstruate in dignity. This was an emotional and scary time we found ourselves is but because of the WVL said yes we can end period poverty with us we went any way and it was the most rewarding journey.

We were very excited but most importantly the support that came with that was so amazing. The grants manager and her team have such humble personalities and so much patience that made what we had as challenges was like a walk in the park because they were just so helpful. To get hold of them was easy to call them was easy to private message them was easy and every email sent got a response back. Our journey was not easy because we needed to operate within uncertain times but as an organization we felt supported in every way and it made the journey easy even if we had challenges.

I found it very challenging to submit my reports it was new and daunting because I know I had to get it right and at most times you feel you need to do it on your own. Although before we got submit a zoom meeting with all grantees was scheduled and what was so supposed to be a two hour meeting but went on for 3 hours to guide us how to complete and submit our forms and in the end so many questions were asked and answered. Yet, when the time came for us to submit I had forgotten the process and was completely lost but the Project team had enough patience to go through it step by step again. Everyone was on board and I could pick up the unity that was displayed amongst them as well as the leader who has been leading well to be able to give assistance without complaining and getting frustrated.

I was changed in the thinking one must do it alone whenever we ask for funding we are left to figure it out as we go yet this time around it was different. I could be the best to lead our initiative successfully in the field with the support I had from the project team inside WVL. Tinashwe the grants manager and her team have been really amazing with supporting me on this journey.

We would have never been able to do and reach over 1500 girls without the financial support of the WVL and their team. The leadership of the organization in WVL has been intentional to support ending period poverty and the many young women and girls could menstruate in dignity. This has shown us as an organization that it was possible and will continue fighting ending poverty until it is no more because you showed us that it was possible with the right resources and support that we can and we will. We are extremely grateful that we were nominated and that our campaign mattered to you in a big way. The work that has started will continue until globally we not just end the shortage of sanitary pads but illuminating the stigma and shame the girl child have to face every day.