A single door that opens, is many…

“When life gives you an opportunity to learn, grab it with both hands. When life throws you a baton grab it, run tirelessly to the finish line.”

I always made sure that I learn as much as possible whenever I am given an opportunity. When I joined Incema I took an opportunity to practice what I learned when I was an intern at the KZN office of the premier, I came in with an experience I gained when I was an In-service trainee at the Department of Agriculture and I had no choice but to give it my all. I know Incema from its establishment, I understand the reason why the organisation was established, and what it intends to achieve.

When I joined Incema, it was only Mrs Ngcobo and myself, we started with administration, moved to stakeholder engagements, started awareness and educational programs and thereafter began to provide psychosocial services. The journey of establishing an organisation was not easy especially with no funding; we only had vision and skills. At that time my skills needed to be polished but I survived with Mrs Ngcobo’s supervision.

The years went by Ms Shezi and Mrs Ngcobo raised funds to survive. We knocked at many doors, while knocking we did not give up; we continue providing service and gaining more experience while building more network. We have been denied an opportunity to present our programs, we have been rejected because of haven’t had funds before and had never been audited, the doors have been closed on us, we have had one year financial support but we never gave up.

Until March 2020 when we heard of Women’s voice and leadership opportunity to apply for grants, Like other opportunities, we grabbed this one with both hands, we followed the application process until the last stage where the grant was awarded.

The door was opened and we could see the light” Incema women’s voice and leadership proposal was more on implementation of psycho-social and support services to sexually reactive children and persons who experienced domestic violence.

Only did we knew that the opening of that door will lead to many more opportunities, personal development opportunities presented themselves to me as I began to implement the project.

I had interest in finance since high school. I was doing great in high school but because of my family background of being the 7th child with 7 siblings but the first to go to the University, I did not get guidance to pursue my career in finance at tertiary level.

I have been doing the organisations finances as part of office management with the support of my cousin who was able to further his finance studies whom I consult should I encounter challenges. I had been able to use the basics I learned from high school and then Gender Links gave me the greatest opportunity I will never forget, as we are managing project funds from Women’s voice and Leadership, they gave me finance training and support which improved my finance skills, I can now confidently manage organisations finance.

For the above I can say Women’s voice leadership granted Incema more opportunities than we expected

Ms Busisiwe Shezi is an office manager within Incema Non- Profit Organisation. She joined the organisation since 2015 when the organisation was younger than a year old. She brought in skills with qualifications in office management, this was the most difficult times whereby an organisation needed to establish its administration and its operations as a whole. This was the time where the whole vision and the implementation plan was developed. Miss Shezi brought in her skills acquired from her educational qualifications, experience acquired from previous employers where she had been an intern and had served as an In-service trainee in some government departments. Most importantly she brought in her finance skills from High school as the organisation needed every skill and experience to be established