Court support services testimony

“Thank you social worker Senzy for your support, I now have strength to proceed”

The client was assaulted by her partner, and he was arrested. The client then went to the police station to have the case withdrawn. At first, the social workers were very concerned with the client wanting to withdraw the case because her partner loved her.

She said the reason she wanted to withdraw the case is that the partner told her that he had learnt his lesson after spending few days in jail. He then went on further and apologised saying he was not himself when he assaulted her. He was possessed and needed help. So she believed him since it was his first time assaulting her physically.

During the first session Incema Social Worker did education and awareness on intimate partner violence and the risks of downplaying the abuse or shift the blame,. Some new information surfaced that it was not the first, in fa-t she had a miscarriage during one of their altercations and the boyfriend showed no remorse. the client was suddenly very angry and show signs that she needs more sessions to unpack the trauma, and decided to continue with the case.

“If it was not for Incema court support desk service, the case would have been withdrawn for wrong reasons, the client would have not gained access to mental health and support services.