Disability did not stop me.

“Anyone can become anything they want.”

I am a physical disabled woman of 55 years old. I am a widow of 5 children. While my husband was still alive he used to do everything for me and my children and when he died I was left devastated not knowing how me and children are going to survive since he was the only breadwinner and my children were still too young to understand the situation.

I went to all my friends and relatives to help me with food and cloth for my children since I can`t work as um disabled but they all turned their backs on me. That is when I realised that I can only rely on myself and no one else.

I didn’t go to school so finding work was very hard for me. One day I heard some people talking about how they started their own crèche and how it was easy to register it, so I went closer to them and ask if they can help me to register mine also and they directed me to a social worker who helped them.

When I went there and I was told there are many things I could do then I choose to start an Old Aged and Disability centre where older and disabled people can go there and be taken carer of since they are the most vulnerable people and especially we, the disabled .

When I started people laughed at me saying “what can a hand cap do”, who does she think she is?” In short people discouraged me a lot even my family but I didn’t give up since I know the pain of being disabled and not knowing when is your next meal going to come from.

It`s been 8 since I started and we have built our own place and it also have a large yard which we use as a soccer field for the older people to exercise there by playing soccer or net ball. I have hired 5 permanent staff member to cook and care for the disabled and older people. We are planning on applying funds where we can buy sewing machines and fabrics and beads so that those people can do something when they are on the centre.

My children are all grown up and working for themselves and the youngest is in grade 12 this year. I am a disabled woman but I was able to make something for myself and the Community where I lived.