Victim of abuse to survivor

“Amanzimtoti has given me another life”

My name is Bianca Brown, an early thirties National Complaints and Audit Manager with three young strong sons, two amazing parents, a paralegal qualification, some intense trauma and two divorces under my belt.

I have grown up with a strong family, loving and supporting my every good (and bad) decision – and calling me out when I need it. Through my adventurous and strong spirit, I have helped and guided many on their journey and troubles they have faced, having experienced and grown from so many challenges over the years.

I have experienced domestic violence and sexual trauma at a youthful age and dusted off to continue to face many of life’s challenges as most of you have too. I chose to empower myself, protect my (then) marriage by gaining the psychological and physical training to support my spouse through their transition and growth in dealing with their own demons. It was through this, as well as an armed housebreaking that I came to meet the wonderful staff at Toti Trauma centre – being a supporter via clothing donations in previous years and now the opportunity arose to really lend a hand. I received counselling from them and attended workshops.

“Amanzimtoti has given me another life. I can now speak with confidence and know what I am talking about.”