Bringing gender equity and sustainability through transformation of the African energy sector | An observer’s perspective

In June 2017, Global Affairs Canada launched its Women’s Voice and Leadership Program (WVL). Driven by Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy, the program responds to the funding and capacity needs of small to medium-sized women’s rights organisations (WROs) and networks in developing countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.

WVL envisions that support provided to WROs will advance gender equality, empower women and promote and protect human rights. The aims of the program are to increase sustainability and strengthen the capacity of WROs and to increase the effectiveness of networks to affect policy, legal and social change. WVL includes 32 projects, in 30 countries, implemented in collaboration with 21 partner organisations.

African Women in Energy and Power (AWEaP) is one of these. This NGO received a grant for a two-year webinar series to accelerate women’s participation in the energy and power sector (E&PS) as suppliers of energy solutions, systems, products, and services to electricity utility companies and independent power producers for industrial, commercial, and domestic customers.

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