WVL SA works with civil society organisations (CSOs); community-based organisations (CBOs); faith based organisations (FBOs); networks; lobby and activist groups promoting the rights of women and girls; and other marginalised groups such as women living with disabilities and the LGBTIQ organisations.

The Multi-Year Core Grants target four provinces:

GL’s GBV Indicators study in the four provinces (covering a total of 2800 women and 2821 men) provides rich baseline data on the extent, effects, response, support and prevention mechanisms in each province. GL has applied these studies in its work with 15 Centres of Excellence (COE) for Gender and Local Government that seek to end gender violence, community by community, and have offered institutional bases for supporting the WVL Programme as it is rolled out. For example, the COEs have provided venues for pre-call briefings, and will provide technical support for the online application process.

Organisations in all nine provinces will be able to apply for the Networking and Alliance Building Grant  and the Rapid Response Grant.