Incema was established in 2016 by Thenjiwe Ngcobo to respond to the need to provide psycho-social, prevention and support services to children who were previously abused or exposed sexually, who due to inadequate or limited access to therapeutic services grow up to become perpetrators or offenders of sexual and gender based violence. The main recipients of psycho-social services are sexually abused reactive children and their families/ caregivers. The aim is to prevent further abuse to children by children who are sexually acting out.

The WVLSA project aims to provide ongoing therapeutic, case management, counselling, prevention and support services to sexually reactive children with history of being sexually abused or exposed before but had no access or inadequate access to psycho-social services and as a result sexually act out and are at risk to become sexual offenders/ perpetrators. The service is extended to families and communities through different programs and projects. This project also aims at breaking the cycle of further sexual and gender based violence committed against women and children.

We want to broaden access to service to deal with the root cause of SGBV.  This project aims to expand service in order to reduce further perpetuation of sexual crimes committed by previously sexual abused or exposed children.