TransHope seeks to be the main role-player towards the realisation of all human rights for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals within the province of Kwazulu Natal. Using a human rights framework, Trans Hope undertakes to advise, promote and defend the rights of transgender and gender diverse individuals in Kwazulu Natal and other remote areas. We have seen that we are impacted by multiple systems of discrimination and marginalisation.  

Community mobilisation, school education, church education, public education, media engagement and training forms part of our strategy. Our voice, skills, talents, leadership and pioneering attitude are valuable assets. Development and enrichment of our staff is crucial to the sustainability of our organisation. Helping families, and allies of the transgender and gender diverse people understand and transition with their loved once. Trans Hope was registered as a Non-profit organisation on the 06 June 2019. 

The WVL projecct is a supporting structure for the LGBTQ+ people in distress due to Covid19. We create a safe space for LGBTQ+ and make sure that families learn to co-exist at home. We also link the LGBTQ+ people who need essentials such as medicine (ARTs,HRT), food etc. We aim to create safe spaces for the LGBTQ+ community through the pandemic and after help get health care services.