The organization was started by Chantelle and Jerome David Goliath out of the love for those less fortunate and underprivileged. Both of them coming from challenging back grounds themselves wanted to leave a different legacy behind that speaks of love, hope, opportunity and dignity.

The organisation was established to ensure that every child has an opportunity to a better education and access to the basic resources and treated fairly without and discrimination of their identity, race or colour but equality and fairness.

The overall aim is to end period poverty for young girls in under-served communities and beyond as well as the stigma of being ashamed due to menstruation, to educate on menstruation and body changes and to reduce teenage pregnancies on a national level. We want to include young boys into this program too.

During this pandemic period, we aim to reach out and engage with young women and contribute to their well being. We aim to grow our program to a bigger outreach and contribute to end period poverty.