The Children’s Resource Centre (CRC) was established in 1983 to mobilize girl and boy children, between the ages of 7 and 14, to overcome the barriers of segregation, discrimination and prejudice enforced by the apartheid regime. The need for CRC was first realized in the early 1980s when several civic and youth organizations made attempts to establish children’s groups in their communities through which children can help build and sustain a better world for children. 

The Girl Child Movement operates under the auspices of the Children’s Resource Centre as it developed out of the Girl Campaign and later mobilized and empowered girl children into a National Girl Child Movement with an active elected National Executive of girls between the ages of 12-16 years of age. The National Executive forms the leadership of the Girl Child Movement as the decision making body and plans the activities, programs and campaigns of the Movement. 

The Girl Child Movement (GCM) is currently in the process of registering as Non-Profit Organization obtaining independent status and a constituted Governance structure (Board or Trustees) which will consist of young women who stem from the ranks of GCM leadership as girl child members.